Sunday morning rituals

In our house, Sundays are usually pancake or waffle days, made by Paul. But I was really wanting an excuse to eat more of these chips with salsa, so I added peppers and eggs. Voila! And my friend Leisha got me turned on to herbal coffee. Have you tried this? GET. SOME. It was all … Continue reading Sunday morning rituals


I miss pan dulce.

Sunday tacos and sweet bread, to be exact. Why? Because I am DETERMINED to lose the last of my baby lonja or "fluff". I love my body. It's pretty awesome. The fact that it's produced two awesome girls makes it even more awesome. So I'm working hard to take care of my body, and get … Continue reading I miss pan dulce.

#AdventureCon14 – My adventure to SeaWorld with my circus in tow

As a member of San Antonio Bloggers, I was fortunate to receive an invitation to attend AdventureCon at the Courtyard Marriott and SeaWorld. After missing out last year, I was determined to attend. And the husband, teen, toddler and baby could attend the fun stuff with me. What WHAT! Friday We attended a welcome mixer … Continue reading #AdventureCon14 – My adventure to SeaWorld with my circus in tow

#cloth4all – “The Rebecca Foundation’s Cloth Diaper Closet” Giveaway

Just when I thought things were going well, I came across this that makes it even better.The Rebecca Foundation’s Cloth Diaper Closet!! Which I discovered at a Real Cloth Diaper Association meeting! Read more for a great cause and enter the giveaway. -A. Eleven years ago on June 9th, my life was changed for the … Continue reading #cloth4all – “The Rebecca Foundation’s Cloth Diaper Closet” Giveaway