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Mi niña.

This little girl is so brave. She will work a room and make you her friend. She will correct you if your point of view doesn’t match hers. And her mind is always working.

The other day, as I was cutting up sandia, she asked if she could have a semicircle instead of chunks. I asked her to repeat it because I was blown away.

Three weeks ago, she asked to put her booster seat away and now sits comfortably in a chair.

She’s also been fighting me on practicing her Spanish. Once I start reading to her in Spanish, she acquiesces and does some practicing.

The other night, as her dad pulled on her toes and tried to eat them, she squeals, no, daddy, ¡cochino! they have germs! ” and giggled.


I love her messy hair, her stubbornness, her big smile, her hugs. I remind myself every day that she’s always watching me and that I have to set the best example I can for her and her sister. Tough job, and I’m glad I get to do it.



3 thoughts on “Mi niña.

  1. How sweet! i love seeing her pictures on instagram because you can tell that she has this amazing character. my kiddo is also like that with using a couple new spanish words every so often as we immerse him into spanish.

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