#AdventureCon14 – My adventure to SeaWorld with my circus in tow

As a member of San Antonio Bloggers, I was fortunate to receive an invitation to attend AdventureCon at the Courtyard Marriott and SeaWorld. After missing out last year, I was determined to attend. And the husband, teen, toddler and baby could attend the fun stuff with me. What WHAT!

We attended a welcome mixer to meet other bloggers and their families. Olive took this as an opportunity to attack Shamu and create sandcastles.

Trouble in the sand.

Olive trying to get everyone to jump in the sand with her.

After some welcoming words from the organizer, Kami, local news reporter Rand Escamilla, shares some great insight on “How to think like a reporter.”

This was followed up by a panel discussion with Sara Patterson of KPRC, John Pacini of Dad 2.0, and Carrie Pacini of Mom 2.0 about “How to be a great media source”. I walked away with some great info.

Then off to Sea World for fun and education. And lunch. I mentioned bringing the baby, right? As I sat in the morning sessions, my anxiety about taking everyone and nursing in public grew. I know there are nursing rooms available but what if I’m not near one? I am all about nursing in public, don’t get me wrong. I was concerned someone would be offended. And I’d have to say something. I really wanted to focus on AdventureCon and not my boobs. Kami Huyse wrote a great post about nursing at the park.

It worked out. I found a nursing room to rest in, and Trixie slept for most of the afternoon after that. While I didn’t get to scope out options in Aquatica, I have faith there’s some places available. Good excuse to return, right? But, enough about my boobs. You want to know about the fun stuff, yes?




We learned about the animal conservation work done by SeaWorld, which was mind blowing. We were able to see the Orcas perform and learn it’s been 35 years since SeaWorld has acquired a wild whale. Did you know SeaWorld’s killer whales’ life spans are equivalent with those in the wild?? There’s much being done to address treatment of these beautiful creatures, and it’s up to each of us to learn and decide for ourselves. In any case, I’m always excited to see the whales. So was Olive:



The following day included presentations from Fran Stephenson from InStep Communications, Stacy Teet from Kid Stuff World and concluded with Jamie Smith Dorobek from C.R.A.F.T. Each of these awesome ladies shared invaluable tips to help us grow as bloggers. UH. MAY. ZING. Now I have homework.

I wasn’t able to explore the park much more as I needed to tend to Trixie and Olive. Paul and Ryan went back on their own to enjoy Aquatica and came back looking like lobsters.

This has been BY FAR one of the best opportunities to meet other Texas bloggers. Oh, and the chance to do it at SeaWorld? Bonus. I can’t wait for next year, so I don’t have to worry so much about a little squish in tow and we can manage the agenda with less chaos.


P.S. All my pics were from my phone. It’s hard to manage a better camera and my kids all at once.



3 thoughts on “#AdventureCon14 – My adventure to SeaWorld with my circus in tow

  1. kamihuyse says:

    It was so great to meet you. I am happy you found a place to nurse in peace. AdventureCon15, here we come.

  2. Michelle Hernandez says:

    So sorry I missed this event, I plan to be there next year and you are right, it is the best way to meet other Texas bloggers!

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