And then, I could breathe again. Kind of.

Seriously, I totally forgot about the haze of post-delivery. Thirty plus days of not knowing what day or time it was, doing the sniff test on clothing and bras, trying to remember if I’d showered or brushed my teeth. And posting? Pfft. WhatEVER.

Thoughts from the baby front:

    Placenta encapsulation is what I’m sure saved me from any PPD.
    Staring at babies is a full time job.
    So is washing diapers. Maybe I need to buy a few more.
    And Nursing. This is almost a half day event.
    I should look into marketing a CamelPak for mamas.
    Don’t fear the baby seat. Can’t carry baby all the time.
    Don’t watch Lifetime. Stuff comes out of your eyes.
    Wear the baby. Love the ring sling.

Current Battles:

    Eating breakfast in a timely manner.
    Figuring out what to wear when I go back to work.
    Do I need my job?
    Stressing about the girls’ new school, opening has been delayed.
    Meal planning. Such a pain because I love to cook a variety but I’m limited.
    Exercise. I miss you.
    Being productive. I meant to do 3 specific things during this leave. Haven’t done any.

OK. I’m going to attempt to put on makeup. And deodorant.


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