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Birth story, Part 2

So here we are, in a birthing tub, holding Trixie. Her cord was a little short so I could only hold her up to my bellybutton. Paul is trying to hold me above water so the baby could start breathing. Then I hear, “We need to get you out of the tub.” It’s like we were playing Twister in the tub, and four other people need to help me get out.

Finally in bed, I get to hold her. It was…breathtaking.

Kneeling in the tub.

Kneeling in the tub.

Paul had to hold me up because T's cord was so short!

Paul had to hold me up because T’s cord was so short!

Delayed cord clamping.

Delayed cord clamping.

Ridiculous happiness.

Ridiculous happiness.

Cleaning, weighing, stats, vitals. Finally family left around 4AM. We were left with the Midwives and our awesome photographer. They, too, started leaving. We were able to rest in the room with check ins from the nurse. I couldn’t sleep with all the adrenaline in my body. Paul and Trixie were snoring away, however.

We decided to head home around 7AM to rest in our own bed. But first, we had to pick up some tacos. I mean, I was hungry and I was pretty sure everyone in the house was sleeping so no one would be making breakfast.

Home. In bed. With a squishy baby.



6 thoughts on “Birth story, Part 2

  1. Beautiful! So wonderful. Glad all went well. ♥ Nice idea on the tacos. Did you keep the placenta?

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