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Birth Story, Part One

One week past “due” date.

Woke up this morning, took Olive to daycare and went to the store for groceries. Thinking that Tater was really grumpy with her movements, making me REALLY uncomfortable at the store.

10:00 Came home to find that my plug was making an appearance. OK, then. Text my doula, and get in the car for my last errand.

11:00 At Toys R Us. To pick up an item for Olive that can only be picked up by me, per the email. (NOTE: Total crap. The cashier didn’t ask for any ID to pick up the playscape. Was able to get the shipping guy to load it in the car for me.) Tried calling Paul, no answer.

11:30 Got  a hold of Paul. Who repeats “mucous plug” while talking to me. He sits in an open area in his office. I’m sure all the guys around him really appreciated this.


Caught up on scandal and Parenthood.


4:00 give updates to doula and midwife. Looks like I am indeed in early labor. But, that could stop or progress, so just trying to relax. And make dinner. Enjoy the meal with olive, Paul and my mom.

6:39 Consistent early labor contractions. I hide up in the bedroom to find some quiet and pay attention to what’s happening. Try calling my Dad, have to leave a message.

9:00 um. More plug/show? Got a hold of Dad, he and my step mom are on their way from Eagle Pass. Olive is finally asleep. I tell Mom to snooze on the couch.

9:33 my new favorite place to chill: the toilet. And someone has hiccups. Poor thing. I jump in the shower to have a last talk with Tater In The Tummy (per olive) and try and relax. Watch some Grey’s Anatomy with Paul.

10:45 Intensity of contractions increases. Can’t talk through them so I ask Paul to call April, our doula, to come.

11:15 April joins the party and she starts checking for signs of active labor. Either by sheer suggestion or signs I ignore, active labor has begun. Less joking around on my part is also a good indicator.

12:38 Paul calls April, our midwife. Handing the phone over to April, the decision is made to head to the birth center. Sent text to jennifer, the photographer. Load up cars with people and remaining things and make the twenty minute drive over. Three contractions in the car occur as we take turns – not pleasant. Olive says, “tator! It’s time to come out!”

When we arrive, I make it halfway to the door before another rush comes. Inside, I just make it into the bathroom with April in time for another. I think I just walked in and dropped my purse and shoes in the hallway.

After being admitted and asked some questions followed by an exam confirming 8cm dilation, in the tub I went.

It’s probably 1:30 or so at this point. In between rushes, I can hear my meditation track and try my hardest to hold on to the words. At this point, someone says to mention when I feel like pushing or feel rectal pressure (translation: like your butt is going to explode). And with the next rush, I do. Oh, And April (Midwife) tells me that she needs to help my cervical lip slide over until Tator’s head can do it. Take a moment to picture that. Yep. I. Know.

Everything happens quickly at this point. I push with every surge, making as much noise as I can to let go. I reach in and can feel her head. The last couple surges were the hardest. I hear April say the baby’s head is out, to push a little harder. Not a few seconds later, she slips right out. Fist in the air like Bender in the Breakfast Club.

Holy smokes. I did it.






5 thoughts on “Birth Story, Part One

  1. You are a warrior! I read part 2 before part 1 so of course I had to click over to read the beginning. Congratulations, again!

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