It’s just dirt, stupid.

It’s taken three years to finally get my garden groove. Now that we are in our new house, and likely not going anywhere for at least TEN YEARS, I can plan my scheme to “save money and be healthy” by growing some of our own produce because it’s just dirt, stupid. (That’s what I tell myself when I feel overwhelmed by it).

Now, this isn’t going to be one of those magical gardens you pin where everyone in the family composts and we use rain barrels (yet). But I hope it will put a dent in our grocery bill and help me create a supply of herbal remedies and gifts.

Here’s what in seed pots right now:

Tomato – Brandywine Bell Peppers Parsley Onions – Parma Muellein
Tomato – Yellow Pear Tomato – San Marzano Cilantro Onions – Ruby Hyssop
Licorice Nasturtium Dwarf nasturtium Calendula Marigolds
Johnny Jump-Ups Chamomile Echinacea Feferfew Lemon Balm
Marsh Mallow Spinach Sage Nettles Chard
Tomatillo Tomato – Mr Stripey Cayenne Broccoli Mints
New Sq Foot Garden, North facing along fence.

This is only ONE THIRD of the seeds I purchased last year from Urban Garden, Seed Savers Exchange, and Mountain Rose Herbs. There are a handful I can’t plant until after Tater comes (because handling the plant could be problematic to the pregnancy), and others can be direct-sow (like squash, corn, melons).

Using, I was able to plot out the area we have alocated for this mayhem. Though, if none of my fruit trees survive the Polar Vortex, #Raspocalypse 1, 2, or 3, I may have more area to grow.

Garden helper getting her dirt on.
Garden helper getting her dirt on.
Who doesn't like scooping and patting dirt? At least she didn't eat it this year.
Who doesn’t like scooping and patting dirt? At least she didn’t eat it this year.

Just a few more seeds to plant. And garden soil to buy. More to come (hopefully) on this project.



  1. What awesome garden planning! I tried one year and did ok, but never picked up again. Wishing you a bountiful crop this year!

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