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Oh, allergies… Weekend updates


Oh, you know. Just a Saturday morning in bed.

Olive likes to see how big Tater’s “house” is before she “steals” her and cradles her in her hand. I hope she will be as excited when she’s not the only little one any more. I knew we should have bought the king sized bed.

I stayed home with Miss O since Thrusday. Allergies gave her a sinus infection, her first. And even with a fever of 102 in the middle of the night, she did not slow down. At. All.

Until yesterday, when she fell asleep in the car. And we kept her in there. Windows and hatch open, P stayed in the car with her for 45 minutes, until she woke. He deposited her onto my lap in the living room, where we spent the next two hours like this:

First nap at home in MONTHS!

Sleeping monkey. I miss snuggle naps.

Also, started some seeds for the garden. More on that in another post.


2 thoughts on “Oh, allergies… Weekend updates

  1. boo allergies, they’re getting everyone…Spring can’t come fast enough for me 😀 Good for you for getting your garden seeds ready, I so need to get motivated to do that 😉

  2. Allergies! I get them all the time. Specially now that it’s been cold out and I’ve had to bring my dog indoors. I love my dog but I am a red-eyed, boogery (sorry TMI maybe?!) mess within minutes. So bad that even my throat and ear canals begin to itch lol. #SITSBlogging

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