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Home stretch. t-minus 80 days …

We are in the home stretch:

Third trimester has begun.
I’ve organized as much as possible at home, cleaning where I can.
My brain has begun it’s 12-week work shut down. I need to write 9 performance reviews.

This time around, mostly due to time constraints, I haven’t captured much of my pregnancy with Tater – did I mention we haven’t selected a name yet?! With Olive, it was so much easier. Her name had been with me for a long time. This time, it weighs heavier. This may be our last kiddo, and I have self-imposed some serious pressure to be mindful of that.

And if this little chicklet is born in April, her birthstone will be a diamond. YIKES! My EDD (estimated due date) is April 4. There’s a new moon on March 30. She may start showing signs then, I predict. Olivia was born one day shy of a full moon. “What’s with the moon, you hippie?” Well. Try this:

When I went to the hospital to deliver Olive, one of the nurses mentioned that “all hands were on deck” because the full moon was approaching. Whaaa? Mmmkay.
Sure enough, that night was like a Black Friday sale at Target. It was CRAZY in the ward, ladies having babies in the elevator, the hallway, you get the idea.
I think had I not been induced, Olive would have waited until her due date, a full moon. As it was, she took her time coming.

I found this article and this one. Moon mates? Oh, man.
So, really. No hard and fact evidence scientifically calculated. But I’m going with my gut on this one, and it’s rarely wrong.

I thought of this on my way to work today, as the moon was full and high at 5:45 this morning (rotational early work shift). She and I have had many discussions over the past few years, and I find myself full of deep thoughts on nights when her light keeps me awake. I’m pretty sure this has an effect on Olive, her mood swings and growth spurts seem to correlate to the phases.

**Reading this so far, I realize you may think I’ve lost my mind. No matter. Moving on.**

We have a few names on a short list for Tater. I think we’ll end up waiting until she’s born to make a decision. So. Much. Pressure. I’ve casually floated a couple of them to my mother, who quickly squashed my enthusiasm without much more than a “NO.” Hmph. Once Tater is born, I don’t think Mom will care.

On the birthing front, we start our sessions with our Doula soon. I’ve been reading the following books:

    Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth
    Birthing from Within
    A Holistic Guide to Pregnancy
    Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn

To say I’m completely mentally prepared would be a lie. I think I’m mostly prepared. It’s not going to be easy, but I’m looking forward to delivering at the Birth Center. I’ve been trying to picture it, changing the timeline, so I don’t build an expectation and become frustrated when it doesn’t happen.

Almost to 29-weeks, here people. Eighty days to go.


2 thoughts on “Home stretch. t-minus 80 days …

  1. Happy third trimester! Soo exciting anticipating it all. With my 2nd & 3rd I didn’t tell anyone the names we picked because I didn’t want to hear their negative opinions oft child’s name we didn’t finalize their names until birth either. You see them and you know.

  2. Wow! How exciting!! My last one was scheduled section so there was no mystic to mine.. but the full moons did scare me towards the end. LOL Names are so much fun and trivial at the same time. Enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy.

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