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Learning about, well, learning.

Every time I start to write a new post, my mind explodes with too many ideas and things to write.

Included in that mess, are hormone-driven escalations with no rational foundation. Ah, the joys of a second pregnancy…

Off a short list I had, I picked “school” to drain my brain about today.

Before Olive was born, I didn’t really give much thought about where my kids would go to school. That is, until I had to find a daycare. We’re fortunate to have some flexibility with cost when it comes to care, but by no means does that open many options. In our immediate area, there are 10 licensed centers. Only two had decent reviews. DECENT. One kept us on a waistline for over a year, then misplaced our registration (really?). The other, while it appeared to offer a good curriculum, is religious based. And while my older step-son went there for after-school care, I still had some reservations. Not that I’m against God. But I prefer the idea ‘god’ than what I was taught about God. That’s for a later post, I suppose.

During maternity leave, and for months after, I poured over any Montessori books and lessons I could find. After comparing this with traditional schools, I decided this schooling method was more in line with what I wanted for Olive and any other minions that came along. P is on board, so that left finding a school. I found this resource that helped make this decision : Montessori For Everyone. (We’ve also considered homeschooling. That’s still an option, though not for a couple of years.)

So what do you know; we are at least three zip codes, two highways, 8 miles, and two-hours of traffic away from any Montessori school worth considering. Charter schools? Not until kinder, but even that’s a crap shoot because there’s only one in our area. Ah, life in the “suburbs.” Though, technically, we live on the Far West side of San Antonio, it’s not West Side enough for the right resources, or suburban enough to attract private, secular schools. (Or Trader Joes, for that matter. PLEASE Save me from a sea of WallyMarts!)

P and I are products of public schools. My dad is a retired teacher. While there is value in the public system, I see a lot of wasted resources and spinning wheels that makes me worry. Plus, I see how Olive interacts with the world. She would get bored quickly. She already does. To help her be the best Ass Kicker she can be, it’s our job as parents to give her the right tools, and I don’t think she’ll get what she needs in public school. And if it’s good for Olive, Tater would likely benefit, too. I could be wrong, I know. But for now, this is the battle I’m fighting in my head.

I found a school opening in the spring nearby, so I’ve sent inquiries and will be touring a sister location next week. Here’s hoping my expectations aren’t crushed.


5 thoughts on “Learning about, well, learning.

  1. I am also looking for schools for my daughter. I love the Montessori approach and I am considering buying some of their materials to have in our home because it looks like we may only be able to afford two days a week here in NYC. Please keep writing about your process.

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