Scary Mommy’s Thanksgiving Project

Dudes. It’s that time of year. (Really, it’s always that time of year, but this is when the light shines brightly on this subject.) As we prepare our lists of things to buy, sweets to bake, meals to plan, please consider how you can give to someone else.

There are so many things that come around that we can do:

    collect clothing, toys
    help at city-hosted holiday meals
    adopt a family in need
    something, anything

The blogosphere has also rallied various resources to help. Here’s just one:

Scary Mommy Nation

By the way, if you aren’t familiar with Scary Mommy, now’s the time. The Scary Mommy Nation has really helped get through some of the craziness in my head as I try to raise a human.

If you’ve told yourself, “Self, we need to do something to help others. Buuuut. The couch is so comfy and I don’t want to leave my house,” here’s a great chance for you. And it’s a great opportunity to talk to the littles about giving to others. Boom.

Scary Mommy Nation

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