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To the zoo!

This past Saturday, I was fortunate to be invited by the lovely Michelle Cantu of A Thrifty Diva to a blogger event at the San Antonio Zoo.

Which is awesome. Because the zoo is one of my favorite places in San Antonio, and it’s quickly becoming Olive’s as well. So I packed her up in a fleece (it’s fall??), picked up my mom, and off we go.

We got to meet a blue-tongued skank in the Tot Discovery Area when we arrive. Usually, I meet the human versions of this out at bar, but the times they are a changin’, and it appeared that we were on a different adventure this day.

The zoo folks had a sweet area set up for us to let the kiddos sit and paint pumpkins that the animals would later get to enjoy at the Pumpkin Smash later in the week. If this sounds like something the family would enjoy, head to the zoo Friday, October 25. It’s included in your admission. Sadly, it’s in the morning, when I’m in my own cage, but if you have a chance to go, I highly recommend it.

Also, don’t forget about Zoo Boo on the 30th and the 31st. Debating on which day to go, but I hear Halloween is better with less crowding. Decisions decisions.

In any case, the three of us had a fantastic time with the rest of the San Antonio Mom Blog group that was able to attend. (Apologies for not being more social – Olivia painted herself after her pumpkin, then needed a potty break, as did I.)

Thanks, San Antonio Zoo! (@realwildzoo)

Happy Halloween!

At the zoo

And with Wela.


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