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Moms Fighting Hunger

Growing up, I never considered that my cousins were considered food insecure. I didn’t realize that the fruits and vegetables outside their house were there not because they liked to grow them, but because they needed them. To us as kids, it was fun to eat a raw tomato, or a guava, while running and playing in the mud. Years later, when I was in middle school, it dawned on me how much they needed this food.

These memories have stuck with me through the years, and I promised myself that I would also grow my own food and show my children the importance of sharing and teaching others, of self reliance, some science and some delicious fun.

That project is currently in the works with the help of Garden Planner. Let me start by saying this is my desired end result. Knowing that I’ll be eight months pregnant come March when it’s time to start planting…well, I’ll work on just the right side of the garden.

Check this out: Optimistic Garden.


Aside from the local food bank, I found other food pantries close by where we can take our planned extra using AmpleHarvest.

One of my friends asked how I would get Olive outside and involved. My plan is to start with while I work on my plan and the notes .

Once I have this garden up and running, I’m going to invite neighbors (especially those with other little folks) over to talk about “suburban gardening” and how to give back to the community. Seriously, there’s so much SPACE around here that could be put to better use. And why not like this?

Overly ambitious? Totally.
Highly optimistic? It’s how I roll.

I can’t feed all the kids and grownups in the world, but I can help feed a few and help others do the same. One small action can hopefully lead to something larger.

Moms Fighting Hunger is a group of bloggers (see below) committed to raising awareness about hunger by sharing concrete ideas that get entire families involved, especially children. Everyday this month, a different blog will share what they are doing to help end hunger, and since it’s a blog hop, YOU can join in and link up what you are doing, too.

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Info about Hunger Action Month:

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