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I’m not fat.

Though I have been unbuttoning my pants a lot lately.
And running on fumes of exhaustion.
And having the worst appetite.
And am so irritated with everything, all of the time.
And fighting indigestion/reflux 24/7.



I’m pregnant. And starting to show. At 9 weeks. 9! Ok, maybe there are a couple of donuts to blame in there but…still. Minion/Tater Tot is making his/her presence known. Exhibit A:


This comes after peeing on two tests one day after a missed period. I just knew. Just like with Olive. (Who, by the way, is super clingy.)

So, I’m coming clean. I’m not fat, I’m pregnant. I’ve been drinking Sprite in public to keep up pretenses. And because it helps with the nausea.

And I’m wearing maternity pants already.

So. Advice is most welcome.


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