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A day in the life

I beat myself up regularly about not posting as often as I’d like. After reading how other bloggers friends work to achieve this balance, it helps a little to see we’re all there: pulled in too many directions. Priority is key. And creativity. With a dash of vodka.

Here’s a typical week:

5:35AM – Choose to snooze or get up and shower
6:00AM – Finish packing lunch, O’s backpack for daycare
6:40AM – Wake the Kraken and get her to the potty, change outfits, cuddle, feed
7:10AM – Leave to beat school traffic
7:30AM – Leave daycare for work
7:50 – 5:00PM – Work.
5:15PM – Daycare pickup
5:50PM – Home, unload, start dinner, play time, shenanigans
7:00PM – Skype or FaceTime with the Grandparents, may go for a walk
7:30PM – O’s bath time circus
8:00 – 8:30PM – Read and play with O before bedtime
8:30 – 8:45PM – Go the *&$# to bed, kid!
8:45 – 10:00PM – Shower, finish cleaning kitchen and play areas, random laundry, gather stuff for tomorrow, talk with the Col., watch one hour of tv or read, pass out.

So… real hard to remember what I wanted to blog about or look up online, much less haul out the laptop (I don’t really like composing on the Kindle). Weekends are generally off limits to focus on family fun, maybe a date.

I need to prioritize:
Re-learning guitar chords to teach O
Dusting off and using my DSLR
Meal planning
Working out



2 thoughts on “A day in the life

  1. I can completely relate. I don’t work out side the home but I homeschool and have two younger kids at home all day. Between getting one child to and from school, homeschool, occupying little ones, meals, homework, housework, and family time I have no time left to blog. Hopefully we can both find a good balance to it all.

  2. Finding the time and energy to blog is often very difficult! I think we all feel your pain. I hate when I know what I want to blog about then get it all wrong when it comes time to sit down and write!

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