Miss O Turns 2

In the months leading up to being two, Little Miss O had already begun to express her emotions – the good, the bad, the indifferent. She’s independent and stubborn in was Taft are good and will likely lead to much head butting.

For her birthday, we gave her an O sized guitar (to be used at my discretion, it’s a noise party), a kitchen set from IKEA so she can cook along with me, and books. All of which she loved. Which was then trumped by a baby doll that drinks milk and sucks on a binky. Her brother’s mother gave it to her, which was sweet. But I’m irritated by how much she loves that thing. (I’ll not go on a rant about gender-enforcement through toys. That’s the gist of my annoyance.) P set me somewhat straight when he said, “She loves that baby the way you love her. She’s Mama’s baby. That’s her baby. She learns from watching you.” I can’t begrudge that too much, right??

Other happenings with O:

“Don’t be sad, mama” is what she says when she bites me and I make a face. (Who WOULDN’T be sad about being bit by a monkey??)

“I don’t think so” in response to not wanting something – bath, pancakes. In a very calm voice.

“NAKED BAAABBBBYYYY.” You can pretty much figure that one out.

We sing Spanish children’s songs in the car on our way to daycare. “Sing it, Mama.”

We have a fashion show before bed, where she tries on as many pajamas as she can. By herself. Inside out, backwards. It’s a blast.

She loves the sounds of motorcycles, air planes, and helicopters, imitating as best she can.

This weekend, over Father’s Day, O looked at P while in my arms and said, “Dada, I love you.” She figured out how to remove DVDs from their cases after only one broken attempt and much “NOOO WAIT FOR MAMA” incidents. She rides her Big Wheels and asks me to sing Queen’s “Bicycle Race.” She sways in the car to “Ho Hey,” waves her fist in the air to “We Will Rock You,” and tries to sing along to “Blitzkrieg Bop.”

And yesterday, while swimming, I let her go. She was in a floating sting ray, but I let go. And she squealed with much delight, figured out how to spin in a circle, and kick paddle to the ledge. Oh, and she went underwater a few times.

I’m amazed daily at her reactions to new discoveries, her adventures in speaking, the wonderment of it all. It’s a great reminder to not sweat the stupid stuff, and to appreciate life every day.




3 thoughts on “Miss O Turns 2

  1. amanda you and paul are very fortunate to have the opportunity to raise a wonderful child like olivia. there is not a day goes by that i don’t think about things that happen when mark and paul were growing up. it was a great privilege for me to be their father. enjoy her while you have her they grow up fast. grandpa wayne.

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