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Burning down the house.

Moving was a bitch.
The movers were late. And slow. And stuff got damaged. And took ten hours. And stuff is still in this garage and in the old casa because we just wanted them do e and gone. Lets never do that again, ¿si?

Boy has settled in even though his mattress is on he floor until Friday. Already a teenage mess.

Olive had no problem with the new house, or “olives new casa.” The rail is off her crib and she’s been in he most ridiculous positions at night. Oh, yeah. Mama had to sleep with her the first night. Sobre el piso. All. Night.

We treated ourselves to new mattresses, as well. Uh. Maze. Balls. Sleep is happening.

Place is starting to shape up. The yard is still bare.

Though, with all the crazy stuff we’ve dealt with with the movers, cable, security, I’ve decided to perform a limpia today to get all the bad juju out. We shall see how that goes.

Did I mention par of the neighborhood flooded? And we are expecting mas lluvia today? Awesome.




4 thoughts on “Burning down the house.

  1. I know how you feel about the moving. Even though our movers were quick, we only hired them for the big items so we’ve been going back and forth for DAYS shuttling things around. Not to mention no cable & Internet because they can’t get into the neighbors yard for our hookup and they’re late turning on the water….but it’s all worth it in the end! Congrats on the new digs!!!

    • Thank you! Yes, same thing. But we figured we’d get more boxes in the truck. I know it’s just stuff, but my poor dresser and chest were the first big purchase I paid for with my first bonus. And the cable?! Friend, that’s a huge mess. I have spoken with eight people at this point. In any case, cheers!

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