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Leaps and bounds

After a year of hemming and hawing, I just made the leap to buy my own domain.
Just now.
Bought it.
Like, legit.

I am now a smidge more accountable to myself. Un pocito mas.

Speaking of… I was also invited to join a Latina Blogging group, which I think will help me TREMENDOUSLY! (Melanie, you may not realize it, but you’ve made a impact on my decision to grab this blog by the canicas and make it mine.)

Disclaimer to some of you: I cuss and offend my friends often. My fb wall has many left of center, agnostic, nerdy posts. This is how my brain works. My intent isn’t to attack but to try and reason with what I think is ridiculous. All my opinions. Hence, the Heathen. I’m open to your thoughts and views, please be open to mine.

Now that I’ve processed this epiphany… I can continue waiting for the appliance delivery dudes. WOOHOO PLAYING HOOKEY!!!! That washer/dryer I was hoping to upgrade after the move? They died in protest. One is limping along, one works when ever the hell it feels like it. Couldn’t have waited just two more days…
Then on to the last walkthrough at the house, and sign the closing papers after lunch. May need to pick up some champagne or something. My first HUGE purchase! (Outside of a car and an education…)

Pack, move. Then plant garden. GARDEN!!
I have a feeling play space will be minimal… UGH. Need to scale back my grandiose plan of planting tons of fruit trees along with heaps of veggies. At least, my medicinal garden has it’s own space. I’ll post the plans once I have the actual house and yard dimensions.

And the new kitchen means back to baking. How I’ve missed it! NOM.

Other milestones:
Olive is a little chatter box, saying “I lub you,” “Thank yeeww,” and strings of small sentences.
Also, looks like Potty training has begun. And taking off pants and diapers in the middle of the night. How I love that crazy kid.
Trying out her Big Wheels to have her own “motorcycle vroom vroom.”

Life? It’s good.


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