That’s like a swift kick to the head.

Who can resist that smile?
Who can resist that smile?

How does my head not explode with all the stuff swirling in there? Familyhousebabyworkmesleepeatdrinkplantbreathe

Every. Day.

Closing on a brand new house. In two weeks. While the thought of packing is not a happy one, I am looking forward to planting a huge garden and having a house full of useful space. Oh, and need new dryer and bed. And a dining table. All items waiting to die.

Planning for this move has me reading and planning not just sustainable produce but a medicinal garden, too. Another step closer to becoming a curandera in my older years. One that has tattoos and rides a motorcycle. In any case, I have three ideas for the backyard. For now. I’m obsessed with it.

Work? Ah, yes. Purgatory. It just is.

So much to say, too tired to type.


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