The plague.

Monkey has been sick since Friday. That’s four and a half days of sick from both ends.

Both. Ends.

Topped off with an ear infection. That’s a bowl full of sad with two scoops of tired. The face puncher came when the Col also got sick. Yup. Happy times for me!

Col was able to get up and to work. I’m home with Monkey, who while is acting like she’s better, is having a tough time with antibiotics. So. Party from both ends. I’m hoping my wine consumption is keeping the bug at bay in my system. Ain’t no one got time for that.

To break up the day, we took a trip to trader joe’s. Sure, I was in yoga pants and driving a mom car. But I was blasting AC/DC and flipping off little old ladies trying to run me over. I’m trying to do this “grown up” thing on my own terms here, even if that means I wear Chucks with suits and talk like a Sailor during play dates.



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