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Instagram challenge has not fallen by the wayside. Just haven’t had the energy to post them here.

I have three draft posts. three!!! too tired at night to pull out the laptop after work/dinner/bath time/ play/read/shower. I really like having time to watch bad tv or read for a while. And not being on a computer after a full day of sitting in front of one.

Blah blah blah.

To do:

  • finish Vegas post with pics
  • finish Instagram posts
  • make time for and sign up for online photo class
  • make time for weekend baking, plan out wish list
  • continue working out
  • drink less (ikr!!)
  • Dealing with a toddler teething with six choppers. Draining at night. Makes it hard to get up and workout. Otherwise, she’s happy and healthy.

    Started a fitness challenge at work to keep on a routine and help keep my cube neighbor motivated. Already been told I have no business losing weight. Duh! Trying to tone and firm. Mami needs to fit in bikinis rios summer! Also tried an herbal cleanse to kick off this endeavor. There’s two pounds off. Ha!



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