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I Simply Remember My Favorite Things and Then I Don’t Feel So Sad

I just remember a few of my favorite things

The end of year holidays is usually a good time to take stock of the past year:

    The monkey learned to walk and talk.
    I survived 7 months of single parenting.
    Everyone’s health is good.
    The bills are paid as my soul withers away.

This is a short list of this year’s highlights.

Then there are those days when fighting the good fight and putting on a happy face is just too much. That’s when (insert blog title here):

    ice cream
    my Abuela’s soup
    hugs and kisses
    Moscow Mules

If I can get most of these on a bad day, it’s instantly a FREAKIN’ FANTASTIC day. However, I can’t share these with you. So, in the spirit of Oprah and The Sound of Music, here are a few of my favorite things.

LifeProof iPhone Case

LifeProof in PinkLifeProof in White
I have this in white. It’s toddler-proof, toilet water-proof, kitchen-proof, Amanda-proof. I tried an Otterbox first, which was not Amanda-proof. LifeProof doesn’t have flimsy rubber edges that get loose the more you shove it into your pants. Er, back pocket.


I just got my grubby little mitts on this when I volunteered to take pics of kids with Santa at work. Where has this been my whole picture taking life?!?!?! Get one. Now.

Dripping Springs Vodka

Dripping Springs
I love vodka. LOVE. When a friend left this bottle in my freezer after a holiday party, I was pleasantly surprised. Dripping Springs Vodka is born and raised here in Texas. Dripping Springs plans to expand into several new States in 2013 and may be purchased on-line in most states from

Sephora Collection Waterproof Eyeliner in Black Matte with Sparkle

Sephora eyeliner

Waterproof. Easy to remove. Long lasting. Sparkle. Need I say more?

Old Navy Diva Jeans

Diva Jeans

All jeans are not created equal. These are wide in the thigh, which works prefect for me thanks to my running thighs. Low waist without creating muffin. Affordable and stylish. I need help with the stylish part.

Runkeeper App

This app has helped keep my ass (feet) on the asphalt. I can look back and think, “Remember when I ran miles in double digits?” Yeah, I need to get back there. This app has coaching you can customize, works with your own playlists, and has training plans available. Plus, you can create a Street Team to help guilt (motivate) you.


Parents Need To Eat Too DALS

Parents Need To Eat Too and Dinner: A Love Story have been instrumental in us eating since Olive was born. I admit, I’m a cookbook hoarder, but these two are dog eared, stained, and torn with love. Plenty of options for everyone, as well as tips on how to prep during naps. These make great gifts for anyone.

So. These are just a few items to satisfy that curious need you may have to know what I like. Mom-Me and Heathen-Me have some favorites, but they are probably not appropriate for everyone.

Happy Holidays!

I just remember a few of my favorite things

Need some more ideas? Like stalking people’s favorite lists? Follow our blog circle at ¿Qué Means What?.


6 thoughts on “I Simply Remember My Favorite Things and Then I Don’t Feel So Sad

  1. Mmmm…moscow mules are my favorite vodka drink. And honestly, I don’t know how I got dinner on the table before Dinner A Love Story. I will have to check out the other book.

  2. I have the white LifeProof case too and love it. Now for the books… I’m running out and getting those right now because we need lots of help with prepping food with littles a foot.

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