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In search of…

This new blog is still searching for its identity, much like the new kid in high school. Better yet, like a freshman at college.

After some searching, blogs generally fall into a few categories:

As in life, I can’t be Strictly Professional. First, I don’t think I have a mastery of any one specialty, so that would limit this option. Second, I spend my day at work applying pretty strong filters to what I say. I may just use a weak one here. Third, I’m not sure what “audience” I want to “target.” Meh.

I no longer have time to blog in Diary. Generally, I dislike this style of blog, when the blogger details minutia of the day. I have an app for my daily doings, and it’s for fitness. Now, if I could blog all the ways Olive cracks me up, I could be here all day.

In my head, I think I could be a Comedian. But I’m the only one in there, and that means things may only be funny to me.

I’ll stick to All Around. Wasn’t my identity in high school, but was in college. Not to say I “got around.” No. N.O.But, I’ll try to keep things interesting.

Part of this has me in a FB local blogger group. Blogger. They are the cool kids, I’m a new kid with the awkward smile. Looking to create a place where I fit.

I went to an event today, primarily to network with other local bloggers, and for some cupcakes and beauty products.


Kate’s Frosting cupcakes


This was at Kate’s Frosting on Main. We were treated to an Arbonne facial. And champagne. Focus on the cupcakes, and not my face. There’s a Peppermint Red Velvet waiting for me in the kitchen. And my face feels fabulous. I signed up to host a party in January (I know, I know) and will use the opportunity to continue expanding the Winos’ Social Club that has been on Hiatus since baby.

Up next this week:
Finish decorating the damn tree. And wrapping gifts.
Anniversary dinner @ Pearl.
Santa Pictures at Work. With me behind the camera.

Word to your mother.


3 thoughts on “In search of…

  1. Nice to meet you too! Those cupcakes were awesome, weren’t they? I fully intended to save them all for my girls but my husband and I got into some of them last night 🙂

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