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Holiday Recovery

There was pie. Lots of pie. Most of which I made with love. Pie crusts, I will make you MINE!!! I will say that I think I have the technical aspects down, though the aesthetics always escape me.

We were fortunate to have dinner with a dear friend and her family. While we don’t always get to see our extended family for the holidays, our immediate family includes women who are my “sisters from other mothers.” Sara is one of them. Pics below.

Sara’s Dad, Buddy, had us share things we were thankful for (no nightime pics, was too busy feeding my face and baby’s).

I’m thankful for my family, near and far.
For the health of all I hold dear.
For my husband, daughter, and step-son.
For the opportunity to live in a democratic country where I can complain about it without fearing for my life.

I’ll admit, I teared up saying this, and listening to what others said. (And I’m not generally a teary girl.)


In the Pail
The weekend also included much internet holiday and diaper shopping. Old Navy, check. Kohl’s, check. Nicki’s Diapers, check. Hopefully, by next week, I’ll have almost all Christmas shopping done and all cloth diapers needed purchased. (Just wait for the final pic.) I also had to stock pile on Rockin’ Green, since they don’t have a local storefront.

¿Que pasó en SA?
We took the kids down to hip, happening Pearl FM. “Hip, happening” because we are clearly NOT hip and happening. I felt so uncool without boots and a cool scarf. Instead, I rocked my Chucks and running jacket. *sigh* And the crazy, winded hair.

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Up next this week:
Cupcakes and facials. Stay tuned.


One thought on “Holiday Recovery

  1. We love going to the Pearl’s market. And sadly, I am also usually not wearing a hip scarf with boots. Most often an outfit that makes me look like I just left the gym.

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