That totally happened.

Yesterday, after many hours of entertaining a small monkey, er, toddler, we gave in and let her play with an iPhone in an effort to limit the tired-tantrum explosions that were slowly wearing us out. In preparation for this, P turned off his phone. Surely, little miss smarty pants would be bored with a phone that didn’t show her a picture of Momma and Dada when she carefully pushed the “home” button. Not two minutes later, she began to gnaw on the “start” button. As I was thinking it, she did it. She turned it on, smiled when she saw the apple on the home screen, and started poking away at all the apps. That totally happened.

That’s Little Miss Smarty Pants.

She’s currently asleep in her outside swing, with me typing this by her side, because she is Baby No Nap. After a walk in the stroller, we made the mistake of taking her out of it to place her in the crib. EPIC FAIL. P was up there for an HOUR with little results. I bribed her with some vanilla cookies to get in the damn swing, and here she is. Now I need to wait for another hour. And how am I getting bitten by mosquitos?? REALLY? It’s too cool out for them! Whatever.

While she was in the swing, I was enjoying a delicious, addicting Russian Mule. Thanks to my friend Jackie, I searched for ginger beer at World Market and had to restrain myself. They are that good.

Delicious goodness.

And lter, Dexter and hot chocolate. *yawn*


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