And the teeth come out.

Today was the first full day at daycare in cloth diapers. So far, so good. Teachers are all on board, and I’m trying to make it as easy as possible. I brought a trashcan lined with the HUGEST wet bag in THE WHOLE WORLD. (I could fit in it. “What were you thinking?” you ask? I liked the print. Size be damned.) I brought six bumGs with liners. I bought a big smile. Perhaps, I should have brought tacos. In any case, no one freaked out. Emergency disposables are still in her cubby in case they use them all or one of the assistants can’t figure out the snaps (it took me a few days, I don’t blame anyone.)

Olive was mas cranky all morning. Not even bananas and blueberries appeased the beast. Seems like her entire classroom was transforming under the full moon and went batshitnuts until nap time. She had a fit at school of apocalyptic magnitude, then bit a friend after she tried to steal a toy by scratching her neck. I’m proud and worried.I don’t want her to be the Biting Girl, but I’m glad she stood up for herself. When asked if she should bite friends or apples, she responded apples. I’m sure that doesn’t mean she won’t bite when provoked.

Maybe I should try this at work. 🙂



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