Still trying to find it consistently.

I’m too tired most nights to type. I’m behind here, I’m behind on writing to Olive. Having a few days where I feel like drooling on myself in front of the TV as soon as the baby is asleep, which leaves me little time (energy) for anything else. Grownup conversations and dishes suffer. *sigh*

In the Pail

Diapers, pail, and bag are ready for daycare tomorrow. Need to make a cheat sheet to take along. Here goes our next adventure in diapering. Final count: 14 bumG FreeTime, 2 Fuzzibunz, 2 Swaddlebees.

¿Que pasó en SA?

Went to a birthday celebration for Sara at TreTrattoria. Always a good meal. Olive managed to entertain us and everyone else, even thought it was past bedtime.

Foodie in training.

It was also the 5th RNR Marathon. I’m bothered that I didn’t run, but I didn’t train. Who’s got energy to run at 5 am after dealing with Disco Baby? I feel like I stood up the Marathon, left it waiting by the door. Left me by the door. I’m going to find you!

Monkey Time

This was considerable this weekend. She didn’t nap yesterday, even after a long day of swimming, shopping, and running in the backyard. I’m sure someone gave her Red Bull. There was a nap today, and an easy early bedtime. We worked on animal sounds and color names.

Sunday night draws to a close…everyone seems to be in a tired mood around here. Could be time for ice cream and vodka, and not in that order.


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