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Remember, Remember…

Yep. It’s the Fifth of November. If only I had time to watch V For Vendetta.

In the Pail
After much trial and error, I’ve decided to order at 12-pack of bumGenius from CottonBabies.com. (The buy five get one free hooked me). While I really liked the Fuzzibuns and Thirsties, here are my two issues:

  • Fuzzis need to be stuffed. I have little patience to do this, unless I’m watching RHOWhatever
  • Thirsties are taking too long to dry. I’d need a jillion. Or 40.

I may get a handful of FuzziBuns because they really are easy to use (once I figured it out). The daycare had an easier time with the bumGs, though. Now I need to patiently wait until my diapers arrive. This is not one of my best traits…

Talking to Wela on the iPad, sporting a Thirsties.

Learning At Home
Signed up for an online workshop with Red White and Grew starting today. I’m hoping this will help alleviate my anxiety about it.

¿Que pasó en SA?
Took a quickish trip to the new Trader Joe’s that opened in the Quarry to rekindle my love for long-missed snacks. Sara and I braved the crowds, loaded up a cart, and made it through the checkout unscathed. And satisfied. Snacks for all!

Monkey Time

Ran the monkey around the backyard for fun. And because I love hearing her squeal with joy. Also discovered that the swing is a nap inducer. Noted.
What should I remember about today? Sweet baby kisses. Great husband hugs. Great friendship nonsense.

**Testing out WordPress. Older blog at optimisticheathen.blogspot.com.**


2 thoughts on “Remember, Remember…

  1. Your cloth diapering is inspiring me 🙂 I tried it with my first for a few weeks and gave up. I have a one year old and I think it would be easier to attempt now. Oh and everything is easier while watching rhowherever

  2. It’s definitely like learning a new language. None in my circle CD, though it’s a small circle. Getting my Mom and daycare onboard may be a hurdle. That, and going out on errands and stuff on weekends. I anticipate the Mother of All Poos in that diaper….

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