Going to the cloth side.

Last week I began my journey to the Green Side of Mothering: Cloth Diapers.

As much as I try to be environmentally aware at work and at home, I hesitated going down the path of CD when I found out I was pregnant. Too much work, I thought.

So here we are, 16 months later, and I finally feel ready to attempt it. Ok, finally feel BRAVE enough to do it.Plus, I have two friends who work for Rockin Green detergent, and was looking for an excuse to use their soap.

After a lesson at the pool, I hauled Olive to Go, Baby, Go for a quick “How To” and “What the?” session with the owner, Elizabeth, and walked out with this:


  • bumGenius Freetime Albert Velcro
  • bumGenius Freetime Lovelace 
  • Fuzzibunz Watermelon 
  • Fuzzibunz Mac N Cheese
  • Thristies DUO AIO Meadow 2s
  • Thirsties DUO AIO Hoot 2s

So far, I’ve only tried them at night. I haven’t mentioned to the daycare that this is coming. Heh. In any case, here’s the results so far:

  • Test 1: fuzzibunz overnight. Win. Full of overnight pee. No leaks.
  • Test 2: thirsties overnight. Minor front leak fail.*
  • Test 3: bumGenius overnight. Less than major front leak fail. **

* Maybe if I had figured out how to put it on correctly…

** See above comment. *Facepalm*

Seriously, where are the instructions? Even youTube videos only include reviews. WHERE’S THE HOW TO? I have work getting in the way of researching this and it’s irritating the f**ck out of me. I swear, I’m smarter than this. I WILL WIN!

Today, I swapped out her disposable as soon as we got home from daycare. Into the Meadow Thristies she went. And into it went a poop. So…where are those instructions again? Tonight’s bedtime features Fuzzibunz Watermelon with THREE inserts and a better snap fit. Just in case.

*fingers crossed*

Please note: I’m trying out WordPress.

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3 thoughts on “Going to the cloth side.

  1. Ha ha ha…we used cloth diapers through 3 foster babies and now with our 1 year old “twiblings.” If you can cloth at night, you can cloth during the day! We still use disposables at night because the babies always seemed so soaked in the morning with the cloth. Good luck! Not sure how to help you with the diapering instructions. We use the older bumgenius ones and they just velcro on like a regular diaper. It sounds like you have some complicated models. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on jumping in! We decided to try CD when I had my second baby who is now 10mo. You get the hang of it I promise. I would recommend a shower sprayer that reaches the toilet 😉

  3. Hey there! I found your blog. Love your mini stash. How is Rocking Green working out for you? I’m still not in love with a particular CD safe detergent, but haven’t tried theirs yet.

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