What’s a doula?

That’s one of the most common questions I’ve been asked in the past month as I start to share with people what my new path is. The other is this statement, “I should have hired a doula for my birth/s!” How did I get here? If you’ve been following me, I hired April to be […]

Mi niña.

This little girl is so brave. She will work a room and make you her friend. She will correct you if your point of view doesn’t match hers. And her mind is always working. The other day, as I was cutting up sandia, she asked if she could have a semicircle instead of chunks. I […]

Sabes que lo quieres! You know you want it!

#veranohersheys giveaway – Quiero mas!

The fabulous people at Hershey’s hooked us up with what you see up there. Oh, and you, too, have a chance to win: Pair of Tongs Apron S’mores Grill Basket Marshmallows Graham Crackers Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Check out veranohersheys.com to see if you’re an instant winner. Espera! Hay mas! (See?! You know Spanish!) Keep reading… […]

Olive wanted in on the yoga workout. After she peed on the couch. Yep.

Transformation – Or, I can’t believe I’m sharing this, but it’s been awesome. #21dayfix

The week before I returned to work, I started thinking about working out. Yes, thinking. It was near impossible to do it with Trixie because all I could do was stare at her while she slept instead of doing things like working out or showering. I think a big concern for all post pregnancy ladies […]

#AdventureCon14 – My adventure to SeaWorld with my circus in tow

As a member of San Antonio Bloggers, I was fortunate to receive an invitation to attend AdventureCon at the Courtyard Marriott and SeaWorld. After missing out last year, I was determined to attend. And the husband, teen, toddler and baby could attend the fun stuff with me. What WHAT! Friday We attended a welcome mixer […]