How we decided on a birth center.

First: [great article] Came across this article on Improving Birth, and think it’s a great place to start if you’re interested. Second: Looking back on posts, I realize I’ve never posted Olive’s birth story. How could this be! (Insert time-travel story-telling sounds here. You know the ones…) Olive was born on a Tuesday. Though, birth […]

It’s just dirt, stupid.

It’s taken three years to finally get my garden groove. Now that we are in our new house, and likely not going anywhere for at least TEN YEARS, I can plan my scheme to “save money and be healthy” by growing some of our own produce because it’s just dirt, stupid. (That’s what I tell […]

Excuse me while I smell like garlic.

After a week-long bought with The Worst Sore Throat Imaginable That Wasn’t An Infection, I started feeling some ear pain yesterday. This scared me a bit, since the last time I felt it, I ended up with a ruptured ear drum. Went home, minced garlic and let it sit in some olive oil. While P […]

My new “normal” or Why I’m a hippie to my parents

Because: Attachment Parenting: The baby-wearing and whatnot was totally contrary to everything they’ve known. At some point in Olive’s early months, I heard various things from different family members from You’ll spoil her from carrying her all the time to You’ll never get her to sleep in her own bed. When I first read info […]